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Otepää Rural Municipality

European Sauna Marathon in Estonian Winter Capital

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European Sauna Marathon will take place on February 22, 2015 in Estonian Winter Capital Otepää. Participants have to track down and visit the given saunas in the Otepää area as fast as possible. The event is free of charge.


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Otepää Rural Municipality

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 Otepää is a small town set in the hills of south Estonia.

It is the most well-known winter sports centre in the Baltics and the Winter Capital of Estonia. Otepää got its name, which in Estonian means "bear's head" after the shape of the castle hill - which reminds you of a bear's head. It's also where in 1224, Bishop Hermann started building the first known brick castle in Estonia, The Stone Fort.


In wintertime Otepää is a winter sports paradise for skiers, snowmobile riders and for anyone who enjoys the snow: there are slalom slopes equipped with elevators and lots of cross-country tracks.

Tehvandi Centre is recognised as an all year round training area among high level sportsmen and Kääriku has, for more than half a century, been a favourite of Estonian winter sports fans. Otepää and it’s surroundings are where Estonian Olympic medalists (such as Jaak Mae, Andrus Veerpalu and Kristiina Šmigun) live and train.

If you don’t like crowds and sports then it’s always possible to go on hiking trips to the picturesque landscape around Otepää, try an Estonian hot smoke sauna and bathing in an icy lake afterwards.

Each summer the "Suverull" takes place - a summer competition for the world’s best skiers. In winter, FIS World Cup Otepää Competition (cross-country skiing) and an ice-fishing competition "Golden Fish" are popular attractions.

Otepää is an ideal location for sports, hiking, swimming, fishing, skiing, skating and snowboarding. It’s a perfect holiday spot for families and young people who are interested in an active holiday.

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Tourist Information Centre
Tartu 1, 67404, Otepää
phone. +372 766 1200

Rural Municipality Government
Lipuväljak 13, 67405, Otepää
phone + 372 766 4800